Amir Sends Brendan McCulum for Golden Duck

Fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team Muhammad Amir bowled tremendously in the Pakistan cup that has been played in the city of Faisalabad. He got five wickets and won the man of the match award too. Muhammad Amir has been the most impressive player in the Pakistan cup and has got all the respect he deserved after the ban of 5 years.

Fast bowler of the batting side did not get any response from the pitch in the Pakistan cup. Muhammad Amir was the only key player who was able to move the ball off the pitch. No player from any side managed to take wickets as Muhammad Amir did. Selectors and the commentators could not stop appreciating the real talent that lost five years.

Muhammad Amir was considered as the finest cricketer of the decade that had lots of talent. He did not miss the Pakistan cup since it was mandatory for any player who had contract with the cricket board to continue playing in the domestic cricket competitions. The most amazing bowling figure so far in the Pakistan cup came out when Muhammad Amir got five wickets. He bowled outstandingly and then got the rewards by taking five wickets

Left arm fast bowler that got the attention of cricketing world was Wasim Akram who played for Pakistan in the world cup and got the two important wickets for the team. Muhammad Amir turned out to be the best bowler the team has ever produced even some people said that Muhammad Amir was more talented than Wasim Akram.

Another left arm fast bowler that showed really good character was Junaid Khan. He was also part of the team in the Pakistan cup. The selectors have said that every player needed to play the Pakistan cup so that they could know the fitness the level of the bowlers. Muhammad Amir has been the impressive bowler in the Pakistan cup so far.

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