American Singer Starts Reciting Quran

American Singer Starts Reciting Quran. Film actress exposed herself to the public who had come to watch them getting awards in the awards show. The lady who did that cheap act was the daughter of the famous actor and director of the past. Her brother also had accompanied her but she did not feel shy at all standing with him on the stage when she was called on to the stage with her brother.

Film actress has signed some moves with the Bollywood industry since she was appreciated for her acting in the country. She might get many movies from the same country as well but her recent act irritated so many viewers back at home. She was standing with her brother who has also worked for the same industry and has earned lot of fame as well.

The brother of that lady did not feel any regrets since viewers did not like that dress of the lady. So many viewers had criticized her for wearing bad outfit. That incident happened in the national award show that was held to appreciate the efforts and the work of the people belonging to media and showbiz industry.

That film actress was not the only one who was wearing such shameful dress in the award show, there was another lady who also was linked to the media was found exposing her body as well. The video of the recent incident that happened in the award show of the showbiz industry showed that nobody had followed any code of conduct regarding the decency in the clothes specially the female ones.

Acting of film actress was brilliant as she has emerged as one of the talented females of the showbiz industry who got lots of appreciation from the viewers. However she came on the stage with her brother wearing shameful dress just to get the award of her father in the award show. Showbiz industry has been on the verge of being very bold since it never looked to follow any code of conduct of the country to expose immoral dress.

US Singer Converts to Islam

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