American Singer Converts to Islam

American Singer Converts to Islam. Film actress wore indecent dress in the Award show when she was invited on the stage with her brother. The award show was organized by the film industry and the showbiz people so that they could honor the performance of the news and senior people who have acted magnificently in the movies. Many other ladies who also belonged to the showbiz industry were seen wearing vulgar dresses.

That film actress who wore indecent and immoral dress came along with her brother to receive the award in the award show that was won by their father. The lady that was noticed for using such shameful outfit was the daughter of the famous actor cum director of the Industry. The brother of that lady was also an upcoming famous personality of the showbiz industry.

That incident happened in the award show that has been organized many times before to appreciate the performance of the actors and the actresses who had performed outstandingly in movies. The dress was criticized by the viewers who had watched the award show and they said that the female should have not exposed her body to the audience despite of the fact that she had her brother accompanied.

The dress of that actress reminded the people of the showbiz industry and the officials of the Government, who had been linked with such celebrities, did not take care of the culture of the country. The viewers had said that these showbiz industry people should have been monitored and they should have not been given permission for exposing their bodies to the public.

The female actress did not take care of her father and her brother who had also been linked to this showbiz industry. The video showed that the people, who belonged to showbiz industry, had crossed the limits by exposing their bodies to the public who had come there in the hall for giving them appreciation of their work.

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