Amazing Moments of IPL Match Gets Attention

IPL match got the attention of cricket fans all around the world when 3 balls were left for the batting side to score 9 runs. Indian player was on strike and on the other hand bowler and captain of Australia cricket team had to keep their nerves. Bowler of Australia has bowled in that sorts of tough situations but this time around he bowled two full tosses that took the game away from them.

IPL has been the biggest success in the cricket leagues since all the overseas players from almost every cricketing nation have been involved. The cricket fans of India have really enjoyed the whole cricket league. Almost every match of the cricket league was watched by the cricket fans in India. The match that surprised the players of Australia was played between two famous franchisees.

During that match players of Australia were really relaxed but the last over of the match was so sensational that the entire cricket fans really enjoyed and surprised at the ending results. Bowler of Australia had bowled in such situations in different matches but in that match he lost his line and length and gave away easy runs to the batsman on the last two deliveries.

Last three balls of IPL were the amazing balls for the batting side since their young players went hard at the bowler of Australia. Captain of the bowling side was also from Australia and they both were quite famous for holding their nerves but the captain and the cricket fans got really upset. Second last ball of the over was a half volley that was put away in style towards the leg side.

Amazing scenes of IPL were seen when the last ball was about to be bowled. All the cricket fans sitting in the cricket stadium were hoping for the bowling side to win the match but many cricket fans supporting the batting side won the game on the last ball.

9 Runs of 3 Balls

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