Allah Gives Lesson by Fish Rain in Thailand

Allah Gives Lesson by Fish Rain in Thailand. Animal shocked the whole world when it was seen without head in the safari park of Africa. It was seen in the safari park by the visitors who had been there on their holidays happened to see a strange camel. They got shocked at the first incident but then later on when they moved towards the other part of the zoo they realized that it was their misconception.

That animal seemed to be headless when it was walking in the forward direction. The visitors who had come there with their kids started to take interest in that camel as it looked to be not a genuine one but they had to believe what they were seeing. The kids got scared when they were directed by their parents towards that big camel that looked to have no head on its front body.

As the kids watched the headless camel in the safari park of the Africa they wanted to take close look at that camel as they never had watched that kind of thing in their whole life other than in the movies. After turning around to the opposite side of their location, they got to know that the reality of that camel something different.

Shocking animal that was looking headless from the other side of the zoo in Africa was in fact turning and tilting its head towards its back that made people confused. The strangely looked camel turned out to be the normal species of the world but the important factor of that incident was that the kids really enjoyed their holiday in the safari park of Africa.

Strange animal in the world has been the interesting topic of the news of the news channels in the world. That particular video also got them interesting and they asked for the video from the phones that had captured the headless camel in the safari park of Africa.

Fish Rain in Thailand

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