Aizaz Cheema Last Over in PSL

Aizaz Cheema bowled last over in PSL. IPL news surprise world when the news channel reported that after the match of the Indian Premier League. The news exposed a husband who had just lost her wife in the match while playing for betting. The video was shared on social media when the lady came to the news channel and revealed the shocking fact about the Indian premier league.

IPL has been successful for the cricket fans of India and they had come to the grounds every time any match was played there for the league. There were some negative news of that cricket league that had shocked many cricket fans. A recent incident was shared on the social media when a husband lost his wife courtesy the match.

The news channel interviewed that lady who told that many people have been teasing her by saying that her husband lost her in the match by gambling. She had been informing the local police about those people but they said that it was her husband who deceived her. Relatives of that lady told the media that her husband went missing for some days and some people have been troubling her wife.

IPL matches have been watched all over the globe where ever the cricket fans loved cricket.

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