Shahid Afridi Surprises Ganguly with Terrific Delivery

Shahid Afridi the Pakistani leg break bowler and right handed batsman surprised Indian cricket team batsman Ganguly with a terrific delivery. All the Indian cricket team players were also get shocked to see that much spin from the pitch. That incident happened in India when Pakistan played a matched there. The leg spinner had played very few test matches for Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi played very crucial role in that test cricket match which Pakistan won and drew the series against the might Indian cricket team which never thought him to be the man who could surprise them and give opposition the key wickets. That ball turned really sharp and the left handed batsman of India cricket team did not know how to block that delivery in the test cricket match.

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The star performer who turned out to be the all rounder later in his career not only removed the left handed batsman of India cricket team but also their main players Tendulkar and Laxman as well. Laxman was given LBW in that test cricket match while Ganguly was bowled by a huger spin of the ball by the right arm leg spinner who was also very handy with the bat too.

Shahid Afridi also removed one of the top players of that era which was respected very highly in the test cricket match. Sachin Tendulkar missed some deliveries from the leg break bowlers and was trying to leave most of the deliveries. Pakistani bowler than was able to make him play a delivery to the closing fielder.

Shahid Afridi and his team mates could not believe that as Pakistan managed to come and draw the series in the home series of Indian cricket test series. This was such a remarkable performance by the leg spinner but he did not have the stamina to play in the test cricket match for a longer duration.

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