Afridi Spins Ball on Tennis Table

Shahid Afridi spun the ball on the tennis table when he was enjoying with some young players who were playing table tennis in the sports complex. He has been the real joy for the young countrymen since he has got lots of fan following in Pakistan and all the young boys wanted to follow him. He had showed his tricks with the cricket ball in the cricket.

Shahid Afridi was using some tricks with the table tennis ball that were not used before. His tricks surprised all the youngsters in the sports complex. They stood together to watch him making his name in the field of table tennis too. The captain of cricket team wanted to take some days off from the cricket and wanted to have some fun with the true supporters of Pakistan.

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His recent video message to the public after the failure in the world cup cricket matches was for the cricket fans of the country and he said that he wanted to tell everything to the Pakistani nation and no one else. The video of the table tennis showed that how much love he has for the fans and he always wanted to spend some times with the Pakistani people.

Video of Shahid Afridi playing table tennis with the youngsters showed the whole world that he loved his nation and all the allegations on him were false. He said that he always cherished the moments when he has been given love by the Pakistani people.

Shahid Afridi entered in that sports complex when there were youngsters playing and having fun with each other. The table tennis has been the sports that the captain had been playing on and off the field. With the expertise in the new sport of table tennis, the man who has got all the love from his supporters, felt really relaxed in the sports complex.

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