Actress Saba Qamar on Entertainment Channel

Emerging actress of the showbiz industry Saba Qamar did bad act on the entertainment channel and shocked the whole viewers and the nation. The bold scene of Saba Qamar was aired on the channel that has been run under the supervision of the Government. It was supposed to be a family entertainment channel but the recent scene surprised the whole world.

Actress had made a sparkling start in the career of showbiz industry with her acting abilities and the viewers really liked her due to her acting skills but the viral bold scene on the official Government channel annoyed the whole nation. Saba Qamar came in the drama with a scene when she had hidden her body parts with the towel while her shoulder and the arms were exposed to the public.

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The viewers really were annoyed at the Government and they wanted to complain against the content of the drama in which she had done bad despite of the fact that it all the people were watching the drama on the family channel. According to showbiz industry and the officials of the Government, the content went through the gauge of the censor board that had cleared it.

Actress did not even take care of her family members who might have also watched the drama on the entertainment channel. That entertainment channel had never showed such kind of content in the history of the country but due to the lots of investment of the money they required that sort of stuff to attract the public.

Actress was criticized for the bold scene in the drama on the entertainment channel but she refused to accept any criticism by saying that it was the requirement of the drama and the showbiz industry demanded it from her. Saba Qamar had acted very well in the whole drama but the vulgar scene destroyed the whole attraction.

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