Actress Gets Criticized For Bold Dress

Actress got criticized for the bold and transparent dress in the drama that was aired on the private entertainment channel. The lady belonged to the showbiz industry wore it intentionally and she had different views about her dressing that she wore in the drama scene. Showbiz industry and the private entertainment channel have been coming up with such ideas that have been unacceptable in the society of Muslim country.

That actress might have not wished for it but she said that it was demanded by the drama producer of the private entertainment channel. She did not want to wear such vulgar dressing but some people thought that she might have thought it to be the ladder for fame in the showbiz industry. Some actors and female ladies in that field of showbiz industry have been using such tactics.

In the past the dramas that have been aired on the entertainment channel were quite decent and such incident never took place where the viewers had to report it to the owner of the private entertainment channel. Viewers had liked the acting of that lady in the drama scene but they said that the lady should not have done such acts just for the sake of fame in the showbiz industry.

Another actress was also seen projecting the negative aspects of the society when she came out after bathing and she had placed the towel on her shoulder while the main character of the drama had also just entered there by chance. Saba Qamar was that lady who was criticized also for showing up body parts to the public.

Female actress had just started acting in the dramas of the showbiz industry. The private entertainment channel had casted her for the acting which was appreciated by so many viewers but the recent video clip had lost the faith of the viewers about that lady. Viewers disliked the idea of exposing body to get fame in the showbiz industry.

Actress Shameful Incident

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