Actress Gets Criticism For Exposing Body

Famous actress Saba Qamar got the criticism from the viewers for exposing her body in the drama that was aired on the official Government entertainment channel. The bold scene of Saba Qamar was aired in the drama where she was pretending to hide her some parts of the body with the towel while exposing many parts to the public.

Bold Act of Actress really annoyed the whole nation and they complained to the regulatory authority to inquire about such content on the entertainment channel. Saba Qamar did not regret for acting in such bold content in the drama on the entertainment channel. She said that it was the requirement of the drama and she did not have to worry about doing it.

Viewers were really surprised to see such bold scene on the Government sponsored entertainment channel since it was supposed to be a family channel but it just crossed all limits. Nobody expected such thing from the young and emerging Saba Qamar on the entertainment channel. Other entertainment channels have been quite bold on their channels but Government sponsored channel should have not aired on such scene.

Actress was asked about such content on the entertainment channel but she did not feel ashamed of doing such bold scene. Showbiz industry has been taking advantage of the mismanagement and ignorance of the regulation authority including the censor board but the viewers decided to report it at the national level. The Censor board has been very silent on such matter.

Bold actress went for such scene on the entertainment channel since she wanted to get famous through the Government sponsored entertainment channel since it was being watched throughout the country. There was another shocking game played and shown on the Government sponsored channel that was disliked and considered to be vulgar.

Actress Exposes Body

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