Abdul Razzaq Super Over in MCL

Dubai cricket fans were really excited to see the batting of Pakistani all rounder Abdul Razzaq who won the match single handed. South Africa needed only one wicket to register the match against themselves but Abdul Razzaq was the biggest problem and wall in their way. South Africa bowlers could not believe when the all rounder Smashed them all around the park.

Boundaries of Dubai cricket stadium were not that short but every hit of Abdul Razzaq was going over the boundary since he was hitting them really hard. Bowlers and the captain of South Africa team had lots of discussions in the mid way to contain the all rounder which was the only hurdle in their way of winning that match.

Abdul Razzaq was considered to be less dangerous by South Africa since they thought that Shahid Afridi was the only hope for Pakistan to win that match. Shahid Afridi could not trouble the players of South Africa but Abdul Razzaq did not let down the supporters that were in the stadium. Every ball of that match was so captivating that nobody left afterwards when Abdul Razzaq started to hit the boundaries since everybody knew that he could be as dangerous as Shahid Afridi.

Management of Dubai cricket association was really happy when the match became really interesting and all the people there kept on watching it till the last ball bowled. South Africa captain used every bowler to get out the dangerous man Abdul Razzaq but it all went in vain. Interesting situation was developed when Pakistan only had one wicket left.

Amazing match at Dubai turned in the favor of Pakistan cricket team since Abdul Razzaq won it and never let the other batsman on the non striking end to face the deliveries of South Africa bowlers. The commentators and the bowlers did not want anybody to leave their seats. Ideal conditions were made by Abdul Razzaq against South Africa.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/jVFdK

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