Abdul Razzaq Smashes McGrath

Razzaq smashed McGrath for five boundaries in an over and entertained the whole crowd that had come in the stadium to see the victory of Australia. The right arm main bowler of Australia was bowling to one of the best all round cricketers of the world. Abdul Razzaq treated him like a kid and kept on hitting him for boundaries throughout the over.

Glenn McGrath was the premium fast bowler of Australia team and he had been their best bowlers who took lots of wicket. He had also won many matches for his country. During Pakistan tour to Australia, Abdul Razzaq got the chance to play one of the top bowlers of the host. Everybody thought that the premium bowler of Australia would never let him play with ease.

The battle was on when Abdul Razzaq started to free his hands. He hit a boundary on the first ball of the over. The bowler of Australia did not like it and he decided to go at full pace on the very next ball. All round cricketer of Pakistan was in good nick and he treated him with the same result that happened on the previous ball.

McGrath was in complete anger and wanted to take revenge but his ball was not landing on the spot that he wanted to. On the very next ball, it all went berserk when Abdul Razzaq sent the ball in the other direction of the ground and the ball had got the distance as well. Three boundaries were scored off the bowling of main bowler of Australia.

McGrath did not like it at all and he wanted Abdul Razzaq to go on back foot by bowling a short pitch delivery. The crowd and the Pakistani players were really excited since Abdul Razzaq pulled the ball to the mid wicket boundary for another four runs. It was all happening in Australia. This was the very first time in the history of Australia that their main bowler was hit for four consecutive boundaries.

Abdul Razzaq vs McGrath

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