Abdul Razzaq Bowls Brilliantly against Sri Lanka to Tied the Match

Sri Lanka got beaten in easy match by Pakistan Team lead by Wasim Akram the left arm fast bowler who played with lots of heart. Abdul Razaq was another key man in that match who bowled the last crucial over. The amazing scenes were remembered by all the supporters who had come to watch their hero likes of Wasim Akram and Abdul Razaq.

Sri Lanka had very famous players in their team at that moment and they had to make only one ninety seven runs in their full quota of fifty over. It looked all easy for their batsman and they needed only 23 runs off the last remaining 48 balls. The crowd was quite dejected with the performance of the green team but they did not know what going to happen in the next three to four over.

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Wasim Akram came back to complete his spell of ten. He also thought that the batsmen could go home easily but the time he bowled the first delivery of the last spell, he managed to get the wicket. He was quite happy to at least a wicket in his last spell. All the boys in green shirts backed their captain so that he could make another effort.

Players of Sri Lanka were also relaxed that they could win it easily. Wasim Akram brought back Abdul Razaq who looked to be very slow in pace but his plus point was his accuracy. He also was able to get wickets with the reverse swing. That was the moment when every player of the team decided to give it their hundred percent since they got the chance to reverse swing the ball.

Sri Lanka started to lose wickets one by one and it looked great for the all rounder Abdul Razaq who along with the captain Wasim Akram has pulled back the match in their hands. The final over of Abdul Razaq was quite crucial as he had to only get the tenth wicket of the opposition. Nobody could have believed five over ago that Pakistan could be at that position. Abdul Razaq along with Wasim Akram did at all by taking the last wicket and winning the match.

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