Abdul Razaq Reveals How He Gets Dropped

Abdul Razaq revealed how he was dropped from the team while he was performing well in the team. PCB members also did not want him to play for the nation. The All rounder also blamed that Waqar Younis was sacked two times before he was made the coach of the team again. The all rounder was liked by so many cricket fans of Pakistan.

Abdul Razaq has been the fine all rounder of the Pakistan cricket team in the past and he had won many games for the country. Recently he was dropped by PCB and has not been recalled since Waqar Younis was made coach of the cricket team. During the live program he was called in by the anchor of the program who asked him about his sacking from the cricket team.

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The anchor asked him why he was not being recalled in the team despite of the failure of so many players in the matches who had not been able to win matches. The all rounder said that the recent coach Waqar younis has been the main man who has strong hold in the team selection by the PCB and he did not want him back in the team.

Abdul Razaq said that Waqar Younis was not a coach anymore instead he has become the captain of the cricket team and all the players that were included in the team have been selected by him. The anchor also asked him about the role of corruption in the cricket world these day but the all rounder said all the news were not true.

Abdul Razaq wanted to play for the country and did not want anybody to criticize as the coach or a manager since he also thought that he might get invitation by PCB for coaching or manager position.

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