7 Years Old Pakistani Fast Bowler Surprises

Pakistani cricketer surprised Sri Lanka cricket team in Dubai cricket stadium when Pakistan cricket team was losing the game after the loss of Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi scored 45 runs and after his wicket the hopes of crowd were losing. Anwar Ali came in when Pakistan needed 66 runs on just 36 balls against good attack of Sri Lanka but young Anwar Ali won the game for Pakistan and shocked everybody in the stadium.

Pakistani cricketer Anwar Ali won the hearts of all the people that were watching cricket while sitting in Dubai cricket stadium. Dubai has always been the second home for all the players since Pakistan had not played in their home country for many years. Anwar Ali adapted to the situation perfectly and he continued where Shahid Afridi left.

Sri Lanka players thought that they had won the match when they got the wicket of the main player of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi. Same thing happened with the players and the fans in the Dubai stadium since they all thought that only Shahid Afridi could win them the match and he was no more in the middle of the wicket.

Pakistani Cricketer impressed everyone with his hitting when he started to lose his arms at all the bowlers of Sri Lanka. All the ladies and gents supporting Sri Lanka in the Dubai cricket stadium, started to lose their hopes as Anwar Ali played an innings similar to Shahid Afridi. He hit sixes off the bowling of Malinga and the main bowler of Sri Lanka cricket team as well.

Shots of Pakistani cricketer went out of the park and the people sitting in Dubai cricket stadium went crazy as it was not less than a miracle for all of them. They all had made up their mind that Pakistan would never win the match.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/vmMS6

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