3 Players Get Injured with Cricket Ball

Cricket ball turned out to be the dangerous ball for the players on the field when it hurt them big time during the match that was being played but not televised anywhere. Shocking incident was noticed but some of the fans rated that incident as one of the funniest incident in the history of that sport. Many players also laughed at the injury.

Scary cricket ball injured as many as three players in the field when the domestic match was being played. All the three players happened to get injured on the same delivery that was bowled by the bowler. The interesting thing was that the bowler himself to injured due to the throw back to the bowler.

The bowler started to run and reached the umpire. As he bowled to the batsman, he was hit back by the batsman but that delivery hit the other batsman that was standing on the other end of the pitch. That batsman who hit the shot had pulled his shoulder muscle so he was the first one that got injured on that delivery.

The cricket ball then hit the other batsman who was standing on the other end of the pitch. That batsman on the non striking end got hit on the foot. It hit him that hard that he fell on the ground. The umpire and the bowler were looking at those both players who got injured. The incident was shocking so it was caught the attention of social media.

That cricket ball injured the third player out of those three players. That was the bowler who got injured. The fieldsman threw the ball back to the bowler who was not looking at it so he got hit on head. One of the spectators got the incident recorded on the social media. Many people got the chance to witness that strange incident.

1 Ball Injures 3 Players

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