100 Sixes of Shahid Afridi Hitter Gets viral

Shahid Afridi Hitter has been the star cricketer and hitter of cricket ball. He had hit many sixes throughout his career and had broken the world record of hitting the most sixes in the world cricket. Chris Gayle was also another cricket player of the modern history who has been in that list too. He did not spare any of the bowlers when he was in that hitting mood.

Shahid Afridi hitter was named as Boom Boom in his career due to the unbelievable hitting ability and the sixes he hit. The commentators started to call him with this new name due to his hits that he played to every bowler of the world. Throughout his career he smashed every bowler out of the park and there was no bowler present who did not get hit for a six from the cricketer of Pakistan team.

Pakistan got that young cricketer in 1996 when he was brought up in the team that toured West Indies. Cricket fans got to know him when he performed immensely well in the second match that he played. He was hitting long sixes in the nets that was held before the match of Pakistan and Sri Lanka started in the country of Kenya.

Shahid Afridi hitter was asked to join the team when he was in the junior team that toured West Indies. Since that first match the cricketer of Pakistan team was never left out of the team due to his hitting abilities. The video showed that he hit all the bowlers of the world for huge hits. He was not keen of playing dot balls.

Shahid Afridi hitter was made captain for the last world cup that held in India. After that world cup loss, the cricketer wanted to take some time of cricket due to the burden.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/XajKV

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